The Rise of Empire

The Rise of Empire

With the end of the Black War, the reign of the sorcerer princes began, and the Iabeiorith grew mighty in the Namad Mahorelah. Out of necessity the Iabeiorith had embraced the lore they once held in contempt and fear, and now they had common cause with the Korith Peis, and so for many long years that alliance brought great benefits to both peoples.

Many great works were created, the greatest of which was the rebuilding of their capitol, Veludrax Mikaolazith. With its completion, Akiol, son of Aolkar, declared himself Haelok, and he created an elite force, the Haelok Aldaria, an army of sorcerers armed with sorcerous blades and armour. Now were the Iabeiorith truly to be feared, for who could stand before such a force?

The rest of the world looked on in trepidation as the Iabeiorith became the greatest of all the peoples of Uriel. But only the Korith Zadakal voiced their concerns openly, for they feared what the Iabeiorith would become.

There had always been contention between the Korith Zadakal and the Iabeiorith. How long it had been so no one could say, but the borders of their lands were drawn in blood, and neither side ever gave quarter to the other. During the Black War the Korith Zadakal watched from a distance, hoping that the Agedobor and the Iabeiorith would slay each other. But when the Iabeiorith emerged victorious they knew that their old enemy would now be mightier than ever.

So the Korith Zadakal looked for a way to match the Iabeiorith and keep them in check, for now their dispute had become ever more fractious. And when it seemed that they, too, must embrace sorcery, one came to them, Risatah, with a gift of stone. Many of the Korith Zadakal said that Risatah had been sent by the Creator in answer to their prayers, but Risatah himself would not say from where the lore came, only that it was.

The princes of the Korith Zadakal ordered the learning of the Namad Dar and soon found ways enough to use the gentle art of summoning the elements for war. Thus a lore originally intended for peace became a lore of contention instead, and out of this fracture was born the Dar Kaadarith, the order of stone.

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