The Namad Mahorelah

The Namad Mahorelah

Here is the Lore of the Abyss, the great sin, the forbidden art – and the paradox itself! Here is the lore of the soaring spirit, of unrestrained passion that is yet utterly materialistic in its aims. With the Namad Mahorelah it is always the ends that justify the means, because if the Ell are here to rule, if the ladder of creation is to be climbed, then let it be so. There is no sin, for sin is expiated through power. The greater you become, the more you understand and the less such simplistic considerations hold sway.

Those that follow the lore, the Argedith, can send their minds into the Mahorelah and bring back forces, fires, winds, waters and even creatures, for mastery of the lore brings with it mastery of all that dwells deep within in the abyss.

But here is the warning. There are mighty forces in the deeps, great powers that are untameable save by a mighty and savage will. And there are the Ashar themselves, the gods of the Mahorelah. Here is power on a scale to terrify the imagination, power enough to wipe out all life across the length and breadth of the world, for the Ashar are singular and have terrible desires, and they cannot be contained by the mind of a mere Ell. Wisely is it said:

“Call only on the lesser, lest the greater refuse to answer and command more than you.”



Mastery over Earth

When faced with obstacles, walls or towers, the work of mountains, only those born of earth truly understand how to overcome them. Here is found both strength and darkness, since a heart of stone can never be reached by the light.



Mastery over Air

The swiftest of servants are born of the air, the fastest hunters, the hungriest mouths. And what better way to wage war is there than to call up ambush from above, when the eyes of your enemies are staring at the ground?



Mastery over Fire

The element of passion. Sometimes used for vengeance, sometimes for attack and occasionally for punishment. Failure has never been an option for the Argedith. Only the strongest vines reach the light.



Mastery over Water

From the deeps are monsters summoned, both the physical and the spiritual. The giver of life can also be a taker, and here, in the cold depths, wait the cruellest hearts of all, the very worst.


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