The Long Peace

The Long Peace

With the destruction of the Forujer Allar, the war was over. Though there were still pockets of sorcery here and there, the fight had gone from the last of the Iabeiorith. They were now a beaten people, and so they sank into the shadows and faded from sight.

So began the long peace, and the world was remade in the image of the rule of the Velukorith. Two charters were declared at the behest of Anolei: the Logah Un and the Logah Siatris. These became the cornerstone of the world, the foundation upon which it would continue: unification under the Velukorith or banishment to the one land set apart for that purpose, Lonsiatris. Here was the choice. Anolei himself, seventh Velukor, was for ever after called the great unifier, the holiest descendant of Karmaraa himself, chosen of the Creator.

Now the great works of the world came to full flower. A great road was built across the southern desert, joining Emethgis Vaniad to Othil Admaq, capital of the southern realm. Emethgis Vaniad was completed, and the walls that surrounded it, even encircling the tops of the Komsel, were a wonder to all that saw them. Brightest of all, though, was the Umadya Pir, the tower of light set at the very heart of the world. Here would the descendants of Karmaraa dwell in peace and security for ever.

The north was rebuilt and the darkness of the Iabeiorith was banished. Othil Zilodar became the capital of Lukalah, the northern realm, and every city that had fallen in the long war was raised up again and made bright. The eternal lights of the Dar Kaadarith were strewn across the world, illuminating tower and city alike, truly a mirror of the Bright Heavens above.

Finally the art of flight was discovered by the Dar Kaadarith and sky ships were built. No longer would it take entire seasons to travel from the centre to the furthest outpost, as the journey could now be completed in a day. And so the world was held together by ever stronger bonds until it seemed that unification could never be broken, that it would continue for ever or until the Creator said otherwise.

But it was also said in that time that the forces of sorcery would never be banished entirely, and all were warned against the coming resurgence, when the powers of the Mahorelah would rise again and its servants spread out across the world with chaos in their hearts.

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