The Final Act

The Final Act

When the seventh Velukor, Anolei, achieved the throne of light he came with a message. War could no longer be tolerated. A way must be found to end the curse of sorcery for all the times yet to come. A way must be found to unify the world, or they would have failed in the eyes of the Creator and be deemed unworthy.

There were places in the north that had never been thrown down, and it was from these that the resistance continued. Indeed, there were times when the powers of sorcery threatened to retake the lands already conquered and sweep south in an unstoppable tide of force.

The allies were at breaking point, for the Iabeiorith were now throwing all caution to the wind and summoning ever greater powers to their cause. There was even talk of an alliance with the Ashar, those abyssal gods of the Mahorelah, whose thirsts are bottomless and whose desires are profane. The very soul of the world was in peril.

So Anolei went to those that understood the Namad Dar, the Dar Kaadarith, and asked for a weapon of insuperable might, something against which the powers of sorcery would be useless. The Dar Kaadarith went back to their forges and looked deeper into the laws of creation, seeking for the words of ending themselves, the words the Creator would say on that far-off day when all would be done.

Eventually they found what they sought: naked destruction, qasadar, the energies of annihilation caught within stone. Here was the very act of nullification, the cancelling of the world, the light of ending that would remove matter and energy and spirit. But there was great fear as well, for if such words were spoken would not the world itself end? Anolei, though, was adamant. He would use this power. He would dare the judgement of the Creator – they all would, or be held to account for their failure.

Thus, armed with this most terrible of weapons, Anolei went to the Forujer Allar itself, birthplace of the princes of the Iabeiorith. Here, he said, the Iabeiorith would bear witness to their fate, as here the hammer would fall hardest. So he lofted a single stone and sent it against the great fortress.

The stone flew on wings of air, and the powers within the Forujer Allar could not stop it. It struck the walls and erupted. Never before had such a light been seen, so bright and all-consuming. Never before had a single weapon wrought so much carnage, for the great fortress was riven into pieces, and the pieces were burnt from the world until all that was left were the shattered foundations, broken teeth hammered deep within a broken land.

Hence, the Forujer Allar was destroyed with but a single blow. The greatest fortress of the Iabeiorith was brought down and the last of the Iabeiorith knew that their time had finally come. Against the power of the west and its allies they could not win. The war was over, and the world, whether it wanted it or not, was unified.

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