Servant of Stone

To Touch The Creator – Servant of Stone

To the immense portal they went, a perfect circle of stone, and now they could see the land beyond the wall, but if they had expected to find some blessed and exalted paradise, or even the gentle and verdant slopes of Ovaras, they were to be disappointed, for instead they saw a wide and barren plain beyond which stretched an endless parade of statues, mountainous spires of weathered stone, row upon row of them vanishing into the misty distances.

Through the portal they went, and no one spoke as they all gazed at the awesome sight beyond. Who could have imagined this? Statues like fingers pointing at the sky in accusation, whilst at their feet the land was heaped up with the dust of ages, worried only by the wind.

Looking at them now, Korfax recalled when he had first seen Othil Zilodar, back when his days were green, and he remembered his shock at its size as it drew ever nearer, but here lay works built upon a scale to terrify the imagination. Though immense, as tall as the wall perhaps, it was clear that no statue was the same as any other. Each face, both male and female, was distinct unto itself, and when Korfax saw this, he believed that he understood. Here were the likenesses of the dead, thousands upon thousands of them.

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